Learn EasyCode: Plan & Build Features


In this series, we will explore EasyCode features and specific use cases that developers use to build faster.

Planning Features

You have a feature/task, but you don't yet know:

  • where to get started in the codebase - which files are relevant?
  • what kind of changes to make - what does solution look like?

"Plan A Feature" can be used to get a list of files that needs to be added/modified, and the type of changes to make within these files.

💡 Note, the goal is to get a high level understanding of solution shape, ie, a roadmap; NOT the exact code to implement the feature. For implementation, see the “Building Features" section below.

You can either provide very high level prompt to the AI such as:

➡️ Add the ability to delete multiple items

Alternatively, you can be more specific in what you'd like to see in the solution, such as:

➡️ Add the ability to delete multiple items, re-use the logic in @Delete.jsx

Once you receive the first answer, quickly review it to make sure it's following the right direction. You may notice that EasyCode:

  • 🔎 found some files that you may not have considered -> take a look at these files to enhance your understanding.
  • ❓ suggested a solution, but you don't understand -> ask for clarifications or explanations as a follow up question.
  • 🔪 suggested an incomplete solution, due to missing details or requirements -> add the additional details or requirements as follow up questions.
  • ↪️ suggested a valid approach, but you want to take a different approach -> Tell the AI the approach you want in follow ups.
  • 💯 suggested the right High Level plan -> start implementation.

Building Features

In general, 2 things improve the quality of the AI answer:

  • detailed prompt with requirements and instructions
  • specify (file level) context to the AI

Quick tip: Use the '@' system to tell AI exactly which files to consider as context.

Imagine we want to add a new feature where we can bulk delete multiple items in a list.

❌ Bad Prompt:  Add ability to bulk delete items.

🆗 Decent Prompt@Item.jsx @Lists.jsx @Delete.jsx Add ability to bulk delete items.

✅ Good Prompt:

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