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Creating an account

To use EasyCode, you need to create a new account by choosing “Sign Up”.

Note that we do not share log in credentials with OpenAI, Google or Microsoft. You must create an EasyCode account, and cannot use your log in credentials for openAI, Google or Microsoft.

There is an option to try without an account by choosing “Try Without Account”, however we recommend creating an account to try all the features.

Indexing your codebase

If you want to be able to ask questions that are specific to your codebase, you need to give GPT codebase visibility through a process called “indexing”. This is only required if you want to use the “Ask Codebase” feature.

To index your codebase, simple click the “Ask Codebase” checkbox below the question box. This will allow EasyCode to create an embedding of your codebase.

The embedding which looks like a list of indices is stored by EasyCode, but your actual code is never stored.

After you made meaningful changes to the code, you need to re-index the project. Simply open the command pallet in vs code (CMD/CTRL+SHIFT+P), and look for “Index Codebase” option to re-index.

Refine context

If you find the AI answer to be too general, or it seems like it’s not understanding your codebe well, try narrowing the scope of the context. You can do this by deselecting files which are not relevant to what you want to know.

For example, if you want to focus on front end logic, you may want to deselect all the folders & files which you know to be server related code.


Getting Started




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